Hairstyles for Hairsticks

Hairstyles for Hairsticks

Have you used hairsticks before?

I remember in school using pens to put our hair up. You’d twist your hair up into a kind of French roll / bun and put a pen in your hair to keep it in place. It’s actually a really easy way to style long hair. Plus, as you’re not pulling it through a hairband, or using strong clips, you don’t risk damaging or breaking your hair. A lovely reader who bought my ebook contacted me as she makes hairsticks that are amazingly detailed. She sent me some to try and I think they look so much better than a pen in your hair!

How-to: Easy hairsticks hairstyle

  1. Pull your hair into a low pony
  2. Twist down, then up into a pleat (like a French roll)
  3. Tuck the end of your hair inside the pleat
  4. Push hairstick through to secure the roll. I have used two crossed over as this holds better.


Hairstyle variations

Why not try hairsticks with braids?

I think they add a pretty detail to these styles, and I was surprised how well they held in my hair. I haven’t used any bobby pins in these styles, just the hairsticks.

Backwards side braid

Upside down & backwards braid

Have you tried hairsticks to style your hair? How do you wear them?

Hairsticks provided by Hair Jems

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