Hair Romance TV 4 – Side braid hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance TV 4 – Side braid hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance TV Episode 4 is live!

Side braid hairstyle tutorial – this easy tutorial is a great style for wet or dry hair, and this video shows how I style this braid in my hair at the beach.

Hair Romance TV Episode 4 Side Braid Tutorial

Mr Romance helped me shoot this video in Greece, and it’s a great hairstyle to keep all your hair up on a hot day. As a bonus, when you take this braid out after letting your hair dry, you’ll have perfect beachy waves too!

Lots of you were asking about the side braid in my Hairstyles for Hairsticks post last week, and I hope this video helps! For that post I took the braid straight across, instead of following my hairline. Then, gently pull out sections of the braid to loosen it and make it seem fuller.

Here are some images of the finished braid, not too polished and perfect for a cocktail after the beach!

Hope you enjoyed the latest episode of Hair Romance TV and you can see previous episodes here.

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