Easy updo for second day hair

Easy updo for second day hair

Looking for an easy hairstyle that you can do in messy hair?

This upstyle is perfect for curly hair that’s been slept on and is no longer looking so fresh, or messy bed hair that needs to be tidied up in a hurry.

I did this style to go to lunch with a girlfriend recently and didn’t think anything of it, but she loved it so I took some photos when I got home.

How to get the look

  • Make a deep side part on the right (but it doesn’t have to be too neat)
  • Take a section behind your right ear and split into three
  • Backwards braid taking in hair underneath along your hairline (again, messy is best! Don’t worry about it being perfect)
  • When you get to your left ear , twist the braid into a bun and pin in place
  • Take all the hair around your left ear and pin loosely around the bun

Styling tips

  • If your hair is a bit greasy, use dry shampoo before you start
  • If your hair is a bit flat, gently backcomb your hair on the left to create more shape
  • If your hair is freshly washed and clean, wear your hair out! Save this style for tomorrow instead.

Did you have time to wash your hair this morning? Give this style a try and turn your messy hair into a messy updo!

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