Big Hair Friday – Working Girl

Big Hair Friday – Working Girl

Have you seen the movie “Working Girl”?

It has some of the biggest hair you will ever see. It’s even extreme for the 1980s. It came on TV a little while ago and I forgot how funny it was. It has a great message about the underdog succeeding and some fabulous lines such as –

“I am not steak. You can’t just order me.”


“If you want to be taken seriously, you need serious hair.”

Which brings me to my discussion question for today, do you need a serious haircut to be taken seriously?

Yesterday I posted about colour block hair that you can wash out as I would assume it wouldn’t be appreciated at a conservative 9-5 job. I know appearance is important but does your haircut reflect your intelligence and therefore how seriously people treat you?

I dyed my hair pink (many years ago) when I was a student but working in an extremely conservative actuarial office. I know many of my colleagues treated me differently and were unsure of how to treat me with my “crazy” hair.

Love to know your thoughts and hear your experiences about how you have been treated because of your hair or your appearance. Do you need a serious haircut to be taken seriously? And what do you think of Joan Cusack’s makeup?

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