Big Hair Friday – 9 reasons why a salon blowdry rocks

Big Hair Friday – 9 reasons why a salon blowdry rocks
My peripheral vision is slightly hampered by my big hair
Love a big blowdry
Is my hair too big for a picnic? Ready to head out with the girls after my blowdry.

Happy Friday lovelies!

Today’s big hair is on my head, and its big volume is courtesy of Jess at Wildlife Hair Sogo in Surry Hills. I was gifted a blowdry by Goldwell and went off to sample this fab salon two weeks ago, and have a gossip with Jess about her recent trip to work at New York fashion week.

Wildlife Hair is run by none other than Jayne Wild, Australian Hairdresser of the Year, so my expectations were pretty high for my salon visit. The Surry Hills salon is very laid back and it really is all about the hair. Even though Jess prefers messier, more modern hair, she listened to me and gave me an old fashioned big blowdry as I wanted big hair for the following day (my friend’s wedding – more on that soon).

I love getting my hair done and I adore a salon blowdry. I love them so much I wrote a list of why a salon blowdry rocks:

  • Someone else washes your hair. 
  • And that person washes your hair better than you can do at home. There’s something special about how they wash your hair in salon that always feels better than how you wash your hair at home. It feels cleaner some how.
  • You get an amazing head massage, always a salon highlight.
  • It makes your hair feel like new. Even though my regrowth is starting to show, a bouncy blowdry makes my hair feel so much better and I can survive until my next appointment.
  • A professional blowdry always lasts so long. A little dry shampoo and a few styling tricks and I get days and days of wear out of a salon blowdry. The time I save in washing and styling my hair makes the cost of a salon blowdry worthwhile. This past week I’ve been documenting how to get the most out of a salon blowdry and I have some great tips which I’ll share soon.
  • You get the full salon experience, but without the pricetag. You can get a coffee, catch up on magazines, gossip with your stylist, or just relax in the chair. Then you leave looking fabulous for days, but without the full salon bill.
  • It’s a great way to spy on a new salon or potential new stylist. Want to check out a new salon in your area? Booking a blowdry (or treatment) is a great way to check out how they work and see if you should go there for a cut and/or colour too. Book a blowdry at your potential place and see how well they handle your hair. You can watch how thorough the stylists’ consultations with other clients are, and you get to see the results of clients as they leave. It’s like a salon test drive, and you don’t have to risk your hair.
  • You can learn how to style your hair. Having issues styling your hair at home? Watch your stylist and ask questions. I always learn something new in the chair, this time it was about which brushes are best for my hair.
  • You can trial new styling products. Want to see if that new volumising product works and is right for your hair, or if that hairspray really lasts all day? Ask your stylist to use those products when they style your hair and you can try before you buy.

Some people like to go for a massage or a facial as a treat, but give me a hair treatment and blowdry any day.

What’s your favourite beauty treat? And have you ever booked a blowdry just to check out a new salon? How do you find a hairdresser when you move to a new area?

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