Big Hair Friday

Big Hair Friday
Lauren Hutton shot by Richard Avedon
Twiggy shot by Richard Avedon

Today’s big hair comes to you from the 1960s archives of Vogue and Richard Avedon.

I am a huge fan of Richard Avedon’s photography. Did you know he started out shooting head shots for the marines ID cards? I think you can see this influence his direct lighting style.

These beautiful photos have so much movement. I think it’s amazing to see Twiggy with all that hair. She was such an icon for her short mod haircut.

One of the things I love about photography is how it catches that moment in time that we so often miss when it’s actually happening.

Today I’m at the Problogger event in Melbourne and I’m really excited to be finally meeting people I feel like I already know from their blogs. I have a feeling there will be so much to take in that I’ll wish I could freeze moments in time today.

I’m staying in Melbourne tomorrow too. I’m catching up with one of my best friends who I don’t get to see half as much as I would like. It’s funny, although I’m so often on my computer I am terrible at personal emails. It doesn’t feel the same as catching up in person. The best thing about good friends is that it doesn’t matter that we haven’t spoken for ages, we always pick up just where we left off before and it feels like no time has passed.

What are your weekend plans? Do you have best friends in other cities? How do you keep in touch?

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