Big Hair Friday

Big Hair Friday

Loving the new look book from Kevin Murphy.

Above Left. The AFRO.SET is a technique that David Glover showed us, it’s simply a figure 8 around a Geisha Pin. Geisha Pins are hard to find and are really big, super strong hairpins normally found at a theatrical supply store. We applied HAIR.RESORT to wet hair, did the figure 8 around the pins and heated the hair with a straightening iron. We then finished by hand to achieve the zigzag curl.

Above Right. This shot is homage to the 70’s and endless summers. Elle McPherson was my inspiration as I think that Elle really epitomises the all-Australian girl. I came from the era of the supermodel; they were strong looking women who were in-charge and in-control. We used a flip set to get heaps of volume in the hair, back brushed the roots with a SMOOTHING.BRUSH and left about 60% of the back brushing in so it looked nostalgic but modern.

Happy Thanksgiving to my North American readers!

I’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving, but it really has the nicest name of all holidays.

I love the reminder to be grateful for all the good things that surround you. I’m thankful for my wonderful husband and family. I’m grateful for great friends, both old and new. I’m making an early New Year’s Resolution to spend more time with friends in real life. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’ll be here less, just that I need to be more effective with my time.

It’s coming into my favourite time of the year. Summer starts in Australia on 1st December, then it’s my birthday and then Christmas. I’m also excited to be attending our friends’ wedding in Thailand this month! On top of all the usual celebrations and I’m looking forward to a bumper month of fun times!

Did you celebrate Thanksgiving? What are your holiday traditions? What are you thankful for this week?

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