Beach Headscarf Hairstyle Tutorial

Beach Headscarf Hairstyle Tutorial

I love going to the beach and I love going out after. This easy headscarf tutorial keeps you looking stylish on and off the sand.

After a week of rain in Sydney the sun finally came out and I thought it was time to hit the beach and finally time to share this headscarf tutorial that I shot in Greece.

Most curly-haired girls love the beach and the salt water does do wonders for your hair. So good we even buy sea salt sprays to replicate the look at home. However, for some reason, my hair doesn’t love the beach as much as I do. It seems to be flat at the root and curl unevenly. So I’ve put together a few tutorials about the way I do my hair at the beach.

This is the easiest style, all you need is a large scarf and you can do this in wet or dry hair.

How-to: Beach Headscarf Hairstyle Tutorial

  1. Take your scarf
  2. Fold in half diagonally into a large triangle
  3. Holding the long ends, place the folded side on your forehead
  4. Tie the long ends together at the nape of your neck

I like to wear this all pulled over on the the side. Big sunglasses are compulsory with this look!

Now you don’t need to worry about frizzy hair after the beach. Throw a headcarf in your bag and you can head straight from the sea to the beach bar.

Does you hair love salt water, or does it go weird like mine?

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