Arizona Muse cuts her hair

Arizona Muse cuts her hair

Arizona Muse has cut her trademark bob!

The haircut that put a rocket in her career and was copied countless times in salons worldwide has been chopped into. While shooting the Tom Ford campaign, editorial stylist Christiaan Houtenbos went “Edward Scissorhands” on her hair and this is the result.



Comment of the day has to go to Louise of Table Tonic

OMG! Pat Benatar called. She wants her hair back!

I’m definitely a fan of Arizona’s previous haircut, but I love her attitude about her hair. Arizona says:

The thing that kind of started me was that bob—and I felt like it was time for a change. I needed a haircut because it was growing out, so I was kind of hoping someone would cut it eventually. Then a couple of weeks ago, I was on set for Vogue Paris with Christiaan and he drew a picture of how it could look, and when he starts cutting, it’s kind of like Edward Scissorhands: it’s a whirl of hands and fingers and scissors and blades, and hair goes everywhere—it’s very exciting. And it just kept getting sorter and shorter. It looks boyish because it’s short, but I feel girly…it’s a little pixie-ish. But it can kind of look like anything. People have been putting wax or putty in it, and doing cool architectural things—for example, a few days ago I did a 1950’s-inspired story, and the hair was sort of a mix of Sandy, Rizzo, and Danny from Grease. It ended up looking really modern. But short hair grows really fast, it’s not a myth—I already feel like I need another haircut.

Do you like to stick to a signature look or do you prefer to mix it up? What do you think of Arizona’s new hairstyle?

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