Are you afraid of the hairdresser?

Are you afraid of the hairdresser?

‘fess up, are you excited or nervous at the thought of going to the hairdresser?

Do you have a regular stylist that you are faithful to, or do you shop around?

Do you change your look or have you had the same style forever?

For the longest time I have had posts in draft about navigating the salon, and how to explain what you want to your stylist. Help me finish them by telling me your fears about the salon experience and what you want to know.

I’ve always been around salons, as my sister was a hairdresser, her best friend still is and my best friend is also a hairdresser. I love the sights, sounds and smells of salons and I love having my hair done.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t also had terrible haircuts, and awful hair moments. I’ll tell you about one of my worst tomorrow.

But what I really want to know today is what you want to know from hairdressers. Do you want to know how to explain “just a trim”? I’ll help you navigate the salon and get over your hairdresser fears.

Tell me in the comments what questions you want answered.

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