I’m kind of speechless. This happened this morning.

Hair Romance just passed 5 million hits!

That is all kinds of amazing, thank you so much to everyone who has stopped by and tried something new with their hair.

Last night I was feeling really tired. That exhausted tired where you get delirious. I didn’t sleep well and wasn’t looking forward to fighting through today but then I saw this and I was shocked and so excited.

THANK YOU so so much to all of you who visit Hair Romance. I hope you’ve started to love your hair just a little more, and to have more fun with your hair!

I’m often asked, ‘why hair?’ and it’s because my hair was a struggle for me every day. So often I knew if it was going to be a good day or a bad day because of my hair. There’s such an emotional connection with hair and I had no idea how to style my hair quickly and easily so that it didn’t bother me during the day.

Starting from next week I’m going to bring in a regular feature where I answer your hair questions on Hair Romance. I’ve answered some of your hair questions online here but I’d like to make it a weekly feature, so you can solve your hair problems too. Leave me a question you need help with for your hair in the comments or email me thehair[at]hairromance[dot]com.

I’m now running completely late and haven’t had time to wash my hair so it’s a giant top knot to save the day! My top knot tutorial is here if you need some hair help today too.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for giving me the boost I needed today.

Christina x

Beautiful script by Kal Barteski and you can buy her art here.

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