Which hair pins do I use?

Which hair pins do I use?

Let me tell you, the right hair pins make all the difference.

My hair falls out of my Twist & Pin hairstyles if I use cheaper hair pins. Sometimes the cheaper brands from the supermarket or pharmacy work the first time but they bend too easily so the second or third time you use them so they fall out almost straight away. Or worse, halfway through the day.

I buy professional quality pins from a hairdressing supply store. The brand I prefer is Goriki 555 pins, not because they pay me, but because I pay for them and I really like them.

I’ve mentioned this brand to many of you who’ve asked and I know it is difficult to track them down. Try searching for retailers of 555 pins near your or ask your hairdresser if they can order some in for you.

My all round favourite pin is the #3000 gold bobby pin (comes in a 250g pack). This is your basic bobby pin that will work in all the Twist & Pin styles. It’s available in other colours so buy one that is the closest match to your hair colour. I also use Goriki 555 ripple pins and fringe pins.

Top tip for using bobby pins

Don’t open up the pin before you push it into your hair. If you open the end of the pin up, you catch more hair than the pin can hold. This means it can’t get a tight grip and will often work its way out of your hair and fall out.

Sometimes I open the pin a little to make sure I’m pinning the right section of hair, but I make sure not to overload the bobby pin with too much hair so it can close tightly. That’s why there is a little tilt at the opening of the pin. That’s to show how much hair it can hold and it will guide just the right amount of hair into the bobby pin. Don’t force it to hold more than it can or it will fall out.

Now have fun with your hair and try some new Twist & Pin hairstyles!

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