Twist & Pin Hairstyle Inspiration – Diane Kruger

Twist & Pin Hairstyle Inspiration – Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger has an effortless style and I love this twist & pin hairstyle on her.

One of the most common hair questions is how can I get more volume in my fine hair. I’ll have a style guide coming up, and you can find product tips for fine hair here, but if you’re looking for hairstyle inspiration turn to Diane Kruger. Diane has fine hair and she embraces it. I never see her wearing hair extensions, or trying to wear her hair teased into a bigger hairstyle.

Here Diane is wearing a simple Twist & Pin upstyle with just a little volume in the top and a soft, textured finish.

How to get the look:

1. Apply a volumising mousse to damp hair and roughly blow dry with your fingers for a textured finish.

2. Spritz on a sea salt spray, such as O&M Surf Bomb, to add texture to your hair.

3. Gently twist the front sections and pin in place to create a little height in the top.

4. Continue twisting and pinning the back and pin in place until all your hair is up. If you hair is fine, don’t twist too tightly. Keep it loose and pull at sections to give it a messy feel.

5. Finish with a shine spray, such as Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Mist.

Do you have fine hair? Who do you look to for hairspiration?

Images via BellaSugar

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