Top knots and headbands

Top knots and headbands

Now that my hair is getting longer, the top knot is fast becoming my easy, go-to hairstyle for some very simple reasons.

Three reasons to love a top knot

  1. You can put your hair up straight out of the shower
  2. You can hide your dirty hair if you don’t have time to wash it
  3. You look taller

Top knot tutorial

For instructions on how to style a giant top knot see my hair tutorial here and the best bit is you don’t even need a lot of hair to do it!

Top knots and headbands

I have been wearing top knots so often I was starting to get bored so I have a few how-to ideas to top your top knot. The first top tip is to add a headband.

Headbands are an underrated hair accessory. In less than a second a messy hairdo becomes polished by adding a headband. The simple placement of a jewelled headband will make everyone think you’ve gone to a lot of effort when you haven’t even brushed your hair. It’s the quickest hairstyle fix I know.

Clockwise from top left: Headbands from Summerblossom, $2 shop, Peeptoe and DIY.


Why not try adding a headband to your top knot and see how it changes your look.

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