The Oscar for Best Hair goes to…

The Oscar for Best Hair goes to…

After all the braids and reign of the hair accessory at the Golden Globe awards, the 2012 Oscars felt rather refined. Simplicity and elegance ruled, proving that a good haircut is all you need for a winning red carpet moment.

Hair Romance chatted to KMS International Hair Director Clive Allwright from Our Place Salon to decide on the awards for best hair.

Overall perfection – Gwyneth Paltrow

A unanimous decision. Perfect dress. Perfect hair. Gwyneth was a vision.

Clive was impressed with the technique in such a simple style. He said some skilful teasing was involved to created the subtle volume and shape.


Love your hair – Viola Davis

We both loved Viola’s natural hair. After seeing her real hair in this shoot I was hoping she’d leave the weave off for the Oscars and I think she looked stunning. She recently told InStyle why she’s stopped wearing wigs. “My husband wanted me to take the wig off. He said, ‘If you want to wear it for your career, that’s fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are!’ It’s a powerful statement.”


Awards for best hairdresser – Michelle Williams, Rose Byrne and Rooney Mara

Simplicity is key and having a great hairdresser is the secret behind these winning hairstyles.

Michelle is always a favourite of Clive’s, saying she looks like she’s “fallen out of Vidal Sassoon’s window in Bond St”. Top marks for the colour and softness in her short pixie cut.

Rose changed up her part but this bob is still flawless. Speaking of flawless, Rooney’s hair was perfect. The short fringe can be a risk but it works perfectly on her, especially with those fabulous eyebrows.


Clive’s tips for red carpet hair

Get a great haircut. Pretty simple, you can’t build on bad foundations. Go see Clive if you need some advice on this.

Make your hair products work for longer. Clive loves KMS Hair Play Style Boost. Add this to your hair before your normal styling product and it will make it last three times longer. That should be just enough time to for you to make it down the red carpet gauntlet and still look good at the after-party.

Fight frizz. No need to turn your hair into a helmet with hairspray. Clive loves KMS Hair Play Anti Humidity Seal to weatherproof your hair without sacrificing movement. This product seals the hair shaft to create a barrier to humidity and prevent frizz – perfect for the LA (or Sydney) climate.


My favourite Oscar’s moment – Meryl Streep thanks her husband and her hairdresser

I loved Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech. I never knew she had a 37 year relationship with her makeup artist and hairstylist, Roy Helland. He won an Oscar for Best Makeup for the Iron Lady and he has worked on practically every film with her since they met. Now that is a hair romance.

Who was your favourite on the Oscars’ red carpet?

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