The double knot ponytail by Lee Preston for Aurelio Costarella

The double knot ponytail by Lee Preston for Aurelio Costarella

Lee Preston designed an equestrian inspired ponytail to complement the elegant Aurelio Costarella collection at MBFWA. When I posted a photo of this style last week you couldn’t wait know how to get the look.

Behind the scenes

How to style the double knot ponytail

Step 1 – Prep the hair and blowdry hair smooth, and in the direction of where the ponytails will be. Lee used Goldwell StyleSign Hot Form Spray.

Step 2 – Part the hair on one side and make two ponytails.

Backstage tip – The stylists tie hat elastic around the ponytails to secure them.

Step 3 – Take a section of hair and wrap it around the elastic to secure it. Lee used StyleSign Diamond Gloss Spray to add shine.

Backstage tip – To get the ponytails to stand out from your head, wind a section of hair down the ponytail first, then back up to hide the elastic and pin in place underneath. To stop the section of hair from falling out, gently backcomb the ends and wind it around one side of the bobby pin before pinning in place underneath.

Step 4 – With a ponytail in each hand, wrap them over each other in a knot and tie with elastic or a hair band. Cover the band with a section of hair.

Step 5 – For drama on the catwalk Lee mixed Goldwell StyleSign Composer and StyleSign Melting Diamonds with talcum powder to create a chalk paste. This was painted onto the hair with a tint brush along the part.

The finished look

Aurelio Costarella’s collection featured hand sewn pompom headpieces that looked both elegant and fun. The would make gorgeous bridal headwaer in white.

Minus the chalk paste, this is one of the sleekest ponies I’ve seen in a long time. Perfect for very long hair, or cheat with a ponytail extension.

Will you wear the double knot ponytail this summer?

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