The 2012 Golden Globe for Best Hair goes to…

The 2012 Golden Globe for Best Hair goes to…

…Nicole Ritchie

Perfectly capturing the modern feel of this year’s 1960s hair trend, Nicole Ritchie’s hairdresser has performed miracles with hairpieces in creating this gravity defying hairstyle.

This is not to be attempted by beginners, and will require additional hair to achieve the volume, length and density required for this hairstyle.

Interestingly, it seems Nicole was paid to endorse her new hair, crediting Suave for her haircare when asked what she was wearing on the red carpet. A first for haircare product placement?


Best Supporting Accessory…

…The headband

The headband was already one of my trends for 2012 and its prevalence on the red carpet at the 2012 Golden Globes cements its place in your hair accessory wardrobe this year.

Jewelled headbands add a sense of glamour to a simple hairstyle, making them the easiest style to steal. Pair your headband with a ponytail or bun for a simple but chic updo.


Best use of hair as your best accessory…

…Julianne Moore

Proving that your hair is your best accessory, Julianne Moore is radiant on the red carpet. When your hair looks this good, a simple earring is all that’s required to finish your look.


Honorable Mentions…

…Zooey Deschanel

The girl of the moment who you can’t help but love nails the 1960s hair trend with this beautiful blowdry. Her hair is so shiny!

…Reese Witherspoon

I love that she’s dropped the big Dallas hair and gone for a softer style. Texture is another of my trend tips for 2012 and these waves look effortless.

…Kate Winslet

The deep side part is another trend pick for 2012. Love this softer chignon with a curly sideswept fringe.

…Rooney Mara

Rooney is new to the red carpet and she’s already made a mark with this sleek style. Similar to Kate Winslet, the deep side part is the focus, but all those flyaways are tamed with hairspray for this neat upstyle.


Who was your favourite on the Golden Globes red carpet?


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