Summer Turban

Summer Turban

Last winter I rediscovered the turban as my new favourite headwear. Could my favourite hair accessory translate to summer?

I say yes!

Just switch up your woollen turbans for light weight jersey fabrics or silk and go for bright, bold colours.

The turban is the most practical hat. Reasons why I love turbans:

It’s a time-saver. You’ll get an extra day out your blowdry with this time-saving headwear. When you probably should wash your hair but the ends still look good, a turban will ensure you look fab and show off the best part of your hair.

Hide your regrowth. You’ve changed your part, styled your hair bigger but you can still see you’re overdue for a salon appointment? Pop on a turban! The perfect root cover-up.

No fear of hat hair. Polite company often requires you remove your hat inside. Not so with a turban. It’s more of an accessory than a hat so you can leave it on and there’s no fear of revealing your hat hair, nor offending your hosts.

Comfort! Rarely do fashion and comfort co-exist but the turban is proof that you can be stylish and comfortable.

Universally flattering. Everyone can wear a turban. Long hair, short hair, bangs, round face, square face – turbans suit everyone. The secret is the triangular front which gives the illusion of a more oval, even face shape. I like to leave my hair out and keep a few pieces of hair around my face, and it looks great if you have a fringe poking out too.

I picked this teal turban up in a little shop in Chinatown for a steal. Love it how it perfectly matches my nails. That’s Butter London Artful Dodger, in case you were wondering.

I’m always on the lookout for new turbans to add to my collection so let me know if you’ve seen any great styles lately.

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