Street style hair – Zanita

Street style hair – Zanita

Street style hair from the lens of xssat street fashion.

Xiaohan says:

Zanita is a blogger powerhouse, her looks are pretty much street style star ready and this outfit is no exception. Pencil skirts are really under rated and they shouldn’t be, they suit most body types, they show off your curves and don’t need to be boring office skirts. Zanita’s outfit is perfect casual chic, but her blonde waves add a touch of glamour and instantly elevate her look! A touch of chrome in accessories never goes astray either.

Christina says:

I love Zanita’s natural texture and her relaxed waves. If you’ve got natural waves, encourage them with a sea salt spray. I love O&M Surf Bomb or KMS California Sea Salt Spray. Or try messing up your look and creating volume at the root with a styling powder. My new favourite hair product that creates instant volume in straight and curly hair – try Osis Dust It or Aveda Pure Abundance.

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