Should you have a signature hairstyle?

Should you have a signature hairstyle?

Do you have a signature hairstyle? Should you keep the same style or mix it up?

Last week I went on a family roadtrip to Melbourne. After another amazing meal at my aunt’s house we pulled out the family albums and were in hysterics over all the old photos. There were some hilarious photos and some very bad hair. Especially from me!

As everyone’s style changed with the fashions, my sister noticed there was one who looked the same.

My cousin’s wife has always had the same hairstyle, not dissimilar to Anna Wintour, except her hair is always shoulder length or longer. Give or take a few inches in length, she’s had the same style for 30 years. When my other older cousins were rocking 70s flicks and big 80s curls, my cousin’s wife stuck to her signature style. Her hairstyle almost makes her ageless, as you can’t date any photos of her. Her hairstyle really suits her face and her hair type, and until now we’ve never really noticed that it hasn’t changed. It’s such a classic hairstyle that it never goes out of fashion.

The same can be said for Anna Wintour and her signature bob. She’s lightened the colour over the years (as it’s brighter and softer on your face as you age) but the cut has been virtually the same for over 20 years. You can date her by the outfits but never by her hair.

Other celebrities with signature hairstyles:

  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Halle Berry
  • Jennifer Aniston (not in the 90s, but she developed a signature hairstyle over the last decade and it was international news when she cut it. It may have been a slow news day.)

I am not one for signature hairstyles. I change my hair so much people hardly recognise me the next time they meet me. I used to change the style and colour all the time, although I have kept it the same for the last few years in an effort to grow it. That’s one of the reasons I love hair so much – it grows back! You can mix it up and have fun with your hair and then start all over again. A new cut or colour can instantly update your look.

Perhaps I’m still looking for my signature hairstyle?

A signature hairstyle has to work with your hair type (unless you can afford to spend hours styling it each day) and complement your face shape. You may have had the same hairstyle for a decade but it doesn’t mean it’s the one. Signature hairstyles should be classic and elegant to stand the test of time. That is, will your kids laugh when they look back in photo albums?

Do you have a signature hairstyle? Are you still looking for yours? Or would you never be seen with the same hair twice?

Images from Racked via Stylelist

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