Short Cut Saturday – Short Twisted Upstyle

Short Cut Saturday – Short Twisted Upstyle

The pixie trend is still hot for 2012 and Evan Rachel Wood shows how versatile short hair can be.

Keeping some length at the front allows you to mix up your look, and Evan takes her short cut from prim to punk.

At the 2012 Critics Choice Awards Evan twisted up her short hair to create this upstyle.

How to get the look:

  • Start by twisting the section at the front, push it forward slightly to create some height and pin in place.
  • Next pin up small sections around your face, making sure you twist the sections upwards.
  • Hide the pins by weaving the pins inside each twist and securing them underneath the twists.
  • Make sure you have bobby pins that match your hair colour.

The Twist & Pin can really be done in any length hair! You can easily adapt this to your hair and it’s perfect for daytime or a red carpet event.

Will you be wearing this style this weekend? Which of Evan’s looks is your favourite?

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