Short Cut Saturday – My hair history

Short Cut Saturday – My hair history

Here’s a little look back through my hairography, taking a look at some of the short haircuts I’ve had in my hair history.

Last week we talked about whether a reader should go for a pixie cut. There was some very, shall we say, ‘interesting’ discussion in the comments and on Facebook and I just heard that she went for the big chop! She read all your comments and loves her new hair. Huzzah!

Also in last week’s comments, a few of you asked to see photos of my short hair. I had to trawl through the archives, and I found some photos just for you.

Talk about a blast from the past! I love going through old photos and I got completely sidetracked in my old albums. I also realised how few photos there are of me. One of the risks of being the photographer, you capture all the moments but you’re not in many photos yourself. I hope you get a laugh out of these old photos too.

Left: I finally went for short hair after thinking about it for a long time. I loved this hair but it was still quite thick and I would twist and pin the top back.

Right: So I went even shorter! I remember going in to a really cool salon in Darlinghurst to get this cut and I loved it. I couldn’t find a photo but I had another haircut that was even shorter than this. I coloured my hair a few shades darker too.

So then I decided to grow my super short hark hair out. So what did I do? Dye it pink of course! I’m at a fancy dress party and that’s a matching pink accessory on my ear. You can’t see but I also had a pink mullet!

I love this photo. It’s me with my mum (far right) and her aunties, Auntie Win and Auntie Nora. They were such a pair, sadly Auntie Win has passed but Auntie Nora is now 92 and still a character. You could never get a word in with these two and when they saw my hair Auntie Win asked my mum “who’s the lovely girl in the wig?”. On a hair note, my hair is getting longer and it’s rather fluffy in this photo. I remember I had stayed the night at mum’s to be there for lunch with the aunties and didn’t have any hair product.

Next I decided to ditch the pink. It was hard to look after, as the colour comes out when you wash your hair and it stained all of my hair pink. This is the first time Rohan Strachan, my Follicle Oracle, did my hair and together with Leonie Phillips we took our fabulous hair to the hairdressers’ ball. My hair was so white it was practically clear. I have also totally overplucked my eyebrows.

So I couldn’t stay platinum for too long. It’s quite harsh on your hair and regrowth was a killer so I went a beige blonde. I had always had dark hair before but this was my first proper blonde and I’ve been variations of this colour ever since. This is just fresh from the sea beach hair.

I kept growing my hair and I think these are about 6 months later. The shot on the left is one of my favourite haircuts of all time. This was a life-changer. I had real curls! Rohan convinced me I would have great curls with the right haircut and I let him do his thing and this is the result. I loved it and think about cutting my hair back to a similar length every now and then. The shot on the right is the the same haircut but when Rohan wasn’t there to style it for me!

Hope you’ve enjoyed a tour of my hair-story and haven’t laughed too much at my old photos. Have you ever revisted a hairstyle from your past? Do you think I should go short again?

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