Must have hair product: Styling powders

Must have hair product: Styling powders

A new arrival on the styling scene, styling powders are a must have hair product for every hair type.

Why you need them:

You want volume, especially at the root of your hair.

You have fine, straight or slippery hair that won’t hold a style.

What do they do:

Styling powders add texture and increase volume. You can actually see it happening immediately.

They have a powder to liquid consistency that has a sticky/tacky feel. This immediately texturises your hair and helps it stand up at the root.

How do you use styling powders:

Always add styling powder to dry hair.

Styling powder is applied to the roots and top of your hair. Make sure the ends of your hair are styled (ie straightened or curled as you want to wear it) before applying styling powder.

Sprinkle a little powder straight from the bottle onto your roots, either side of where you part your hair. Lift up the hair on your crown and sprinkle some powder at the roots.

You can also put some powder on your fingertips and then apply to your hair.

Using your fingertips, gently massage the powder into your hair and scalp.

You’ll feel your hair hold immediately and then you can style as you like.

Add some powder to your hair before back-combing your hair for mega volume that stays in place.

Best bits about styling powders:

They work in straight and curly hair, and on long or short hair too.

Mattifying product so won’t give you an oily finish.

I like to think of it as Kate Moss hair in a bottle. If you love Alexa Chung’s hair, you can get that perfect messy texture in seconds.

They are reworkable. That means later in the day if your hair falls a little flat, just get your fingers and work the volume back into place.

What’s the difference between brands?

I can’t really see a difference between the Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It and Schwarzkopf Taft Styling Powder. They have also recently released a women’s branded product from their range. All of these are fab products. Evo Haze was another trailblazer styling powder which is now being copied by every brand around. The Aveda Pure Abundance seems to have a less sticky texture so I prefer wearing this one on a regular basis. I often feel I need to wash my hair the day after wearing a styling powder but not so much with the Aveda.

Things to look out for:

Don’t shake the bottle – you’ll activate the powder inside the bottle and it will liquefy. You’ll use it up before it gets to your hair.

Don’t add too much – it is a sticky product so apply the smallest amount at a time. If it’s not enough you can always add more but you can’t reverse the effect.

Hairstyle inspiration:

Styling powder is effortless messy hair in a bottle but it has so many uses. I use it at the roots in my curly hair for volume, and before teasing my hair into classic beehives. If you have soft hair that won’t hold a style, this is your perfect product.

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Have you tried styling powders? Do you love them as much as I do?

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