Most influential hairstyle of 2011

Most influential hairstyle of 2011

Whose haircut in 2011 made you stop and tear a photo out of a mag to take to the hairdressers?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the most influential haircuts of 2011 belong to Emma Watson and Justin Bieber. They were the most requested hairstyles in salons and topped Google searches too.

I never thought I would post a photo of Justin Bieber’s hair. I’ve never suffered from ‘Bieber fever’ so I’m not really sure what the fuss is about. I do know he has influenced men’s hair and that longer hair is back for guys.

Emma Watson has been a favourite restyle of mine as I wrote about her short sexy hairstyle on Short Cut Saturday. Although short hair hasn’t really been in vogue since the 90s, Emma says her influential haircut was “the most liberating thing ever”. She definitely made me want to cut my hair in 2011.

Did you take Emma’s picture to your hairdresser? Whose haircut made you want to change your hair in 2011? Should I write about men’s hair on Hair Romance too?

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