How to grow out a pixie cut

How to grow out a pixie cut

The pixie cut is still a huge trend but what if you went for the big chop and decided it’s not for you? Or maybe you just feel like a change and want to go long again?

Here is your pain-free guide to growing out your pixie cut. There’ll be no “awkward” phase in this hair plan.

Through my own experience growing my hair out from a super short pixie I can tell you it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant process. You can have fun with your hair on the way.

Have a game plan

Although you may think you want to avoid your hairdresser when growing your hair, they will be your best friend when growing out a pixie cut.

Talk to your hairdresser about your ideal hair length and they can help you work out the stages to get there. You’ll have a different cutting strategy depending on whether your ideal cut is layered or all one length. You won’t need to get your hair cut as often, but regular trims will get rid of split ends and any mullet that will appear. You can plan for different styles along the way and really enjoy the growing out phase.

Distract with colour

Talk to your stylist about using colour to add style while you’re growing your hair. My super short pixie was dark brown and I dyed my hair pink and white through the first growth phase. It became one of all my all time favourite hairstyles.

Pink hair may be extreme for you, but what about balayage highlights or semi-permanent colour? Your hair is still very short and a change of colour is the perfect distraction when you’re in between styles.

Learn a new style

Talk to your hairdresser about how to style your hair at home. You might want to try a new styling product for short hair like a styling powder or paste to keep your hair in shape. You can try a short twisted upstyle or braids in short hair.

Show your hair some love

Conditioning treatments and head massages are fabulous. Why not treat yourself while you’re growing your hair? There’s no proof they make your hair grow faster, but they will keep your hair in top condition and you’ll feel amazing.

Eat well

There is one way to make your hair grow faster and that’s by speeding up your metabolism. Exercise and a balanced diet that’s high in protein, iron and zinc will have a positive effect on your hair growth cycle.

Be patient

Hair grows around 1 inch per month, so calculate how long it will take to get to your ideal length so you can keep your expectations in check.


Hair accessories are the perfect distraction when growing out your pixie cut. Stock up on headbands, bobby pins, clips, turbans and hats to keep your distracted from thinking about cutting your hair.

Looking for some hairspiration for that “in between” time? The pixie trend has been a celeb trend for long enough now that we can see how these styles grow out. One of my favourites is Carey Mulligan as I think she’s created some great looks for what you previously thought were the “awkward” stages.

Have you grown out a pixie haircut? What are your tips for growing your hair?

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