How to get perfect waves with the Modiva Professional curling iron

How to get perfect waves with the Modiva Professional curling iron

Looking for perfect waves? I’ll show you a quick way to achieve this look using the Modiva clipless curling iron.

Until last year, I didn’t own a curling iron and now I have five! It seems curls are back and although I have naturally curly hair, curling wands come in very handy in your hair styling routine. You can use them to even up your naturally curly hair – just do small sections where your hair is a bit straight. You can do messy, beachy waves (and I’ll have a tutorial for that coming up soon) and today it’s how to get large soft waves.

For this look I’ve pulled the curls to the side with a deep side part for a retro glam feel.

You probably noticed Modiva Professional have taken some ad space on Hair Romance and I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit about them. In Australia we’re usually the last to get the latest product. Modiva Professional is a new Australian company specialising in clipless curling irons. They started last year due to the frustration of not having access to professional quality irons (that weren’t too expensive). Although the UK and USA have numerous brands available, none of these were available for purchase in Australia and so Modiva Professional was made especially for the Australian market.

So when this arrived this afternoon and I had to try it straight away.

Let’s face it, curling irons with a clip are over. They are supposed to make it easier by holding your hair to the wand but they leave dents all over your hair. These cylindrical clipless wands are much easier to use and create perfect round curls. All you do is wrap small sections of your hair around the wand and hold for 6-10 seconds and that’s it! You can create variations in the curl by holding the wand horizontally or vertically, and by curling larger or smaller sections.

Also inside the pretty box is a heat resistant glove so you don’t burn your fingers. Remember it’s heat resistant, not heat proof so hold the wand by the handle! The curling iron has a long swivel cord so you won’t get tangled up. Modiva Professional also sell a silicon heat resistant mat which is genius. I know I’ll be using this a lot.

How to curl your hair

What you’ll need:

  • Curling iron
  • A few clips
  • Brush
  • Styling products


  1. Start with straight hair. Don’t use a flat iron, but you may need to blowdry your hair to remove any curls or kinks, especially at the root. You can use a voluming product too.
  2. Take a section from ear to ear and clip your hair out of the way. You want to curl small sections at a time. I used ghd Curl Hold Spray before curling, or use a heat protectant product on your hair.
  3. Holding the curling iron vertically wrap small sections round the barrel. Hold for 6 seconds for fine hair and no more than 10 seconds for thick hair. Always curl away from your face.
  4. Repeat this step in small sections around your head, and keep the rest of your hair out of the way with a clip as you go. I’m right handed so I like to hold the iron down on my left and up on my right as in the photos. I find I get the least tangled this way.
  5. Before curling the top section of hair, use a tail comb to make a deep side part.
  6. Remembering to curl away from your face, finish curling the top section.
  7. Very important: Let the curls cool before you break them up or brush them! How you let the curls cool will determine their shape and how long they stay in your hair.
  8. Once your hair has cooled completely, take a bristle brush and gently brush the curls out into smooth waves.
  9. Smooth any flyaways with serum or hairspray and gather all your hair to one side for a more retro feel.

Top tips for curling your hair

  • Curls will drop, always do each section a bit tighter that you want as by the time you go out your hair will fall into a softer shape.
  • Don’t keep touching your hair. The oils from your hands will weigh down your curls and it can also cause more frizz.
  • Allow your curls to cool before brushing them out, or breaking them up with your fingers. The curls will last longer and you’ll have a smoother wave.
  • Hairspray is your friend. Hairsprays such as ghd Final Fix and evo Helmet give your curls firm hold but won’t make your hair crispy and stiff. These types of hairspray will keep your curls looking good for longer.


Modiva Professional irons are currently only available for purchase through their online store but will hopefully soon be available to buy in selected salons throughout Australia. Modiva Professional do ship internationally for a flat rate of $30 AUD.

Special offer for Hair Romance readers

Receive 20% off any curling iron purchase in the Modiva Professional online shop until 31 January with the code ‘hairromance’ – browse their range of irons here. In my opinion, the 13mm is best for short or fine hair. The 25mm suits most hair types and is versatile for curls or waves. The 32mm is perfect for long hair or creating large beachy waves.

What’s your favourite style to do with a curling iron? Would you like to see a video tutorial of this hairstyle too? I didn’t have time to shoot one last night but if you’d like me to please let me know in the comments.

Note: In case you were wondering (and a few of you asked) my lipstick is Nars Manhunt.

Disclosure: Modiva Professional are an advertiser on Hair Romance but they did not pay for this review. Hair Romance will always give honest reviews.

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