How do I colour my hair?

How do I colour my hair?

I often receive emails about how I colour my hair, which is extremely flattering, so thank you very much! My natural hair is a mousey brown (I think… it’s been a while since I’ve seen it!) and I love being blonde so I only get my hair professionally coloured.

Last time I was in the chair of my fabulous colourist, Stevie Corthine of Stevie English Hair, I found out what he really does to my hair.

Here are some shots of fresh colour in my hair over the last few months.

I first met Stevie on Twitter last year, and went to him after hearing about his great colour skills. I liked that his salon uses Original & Mineral ammonia free colour. I told him I wanted to stay light so, poor guy, he didn’t have a lot of scope to play.

Speaking of play, ‘Team English’ as the salon team is known, is so much fun. They are a young, forward thinking salon and have a great energy. I love going in to the salon and you can tell the staff do too. There is a relaxed vibe, but the team works hard and there’s a stong focus on education. But back to the hair…

Stevie says getting the colour right “really is a fine balance” and too much bleach will puff out my wavy/curly hair and make it go frizzy. He’s thoughtful too, he knows I want to be blonde, but I’m busy and don’t have time for lots of salon visits, so he hasn’t taken my colour too light to minimise obvious regrowth.

My hair is coloured with foil highlights, alternating two blondes – a creamy blonde and a golden blonde – then a colour close to my natural colour. Stevie says: “where you weave the colour makes a difference, and getting as close to the root as possible is important to achieve longevity of colour.”

I wear my hair up a lot, with my Twist & Pin hairstyles, so Stevie alternately applies a full head then a ¾ head of foils. Normally you would only need to do a half head and a full head on every third visit, depending on your colour. Stevie always includes a natural tone when he adds highlights “so you get that light and shade that hair naturally has. Hair looks more natural, and even when you don’t want it to look natural, it adds more dimension.”

Stevie says “I can do anything to hair if the quality is there.” Take that as a challenge and give him a real test at Stevie English Hair in Glebe, and coming soon to Bondi Junction.

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