How a haircut changed my life

How a haircut changed my life

People often ask me, why hair? How can you write a blog just about hair? They tell me I picked a niche topic but the way I see it is that everyone has hair.

My approach to hair is different. I want you to love your hair and to find quick ways to style it so that it looks fabulous with minimum effort. I only learnt my styling methods through years of awkward hair so I want to share my hard-learnt hair lessons and advice – my romance with hair – with everyone.

My hair romance started when I met my hairdresser and my husband in the same street. It was William Street in Paddington in case you were wondering. These two men have been amazing influences in my life and I wouldn’t have met either of them if I didn’t have that crazy haircut that changed my life.

I was 20 years old and decided to win the battle with my hair once and for all by chopping it all off. As it turned out, I loved my short hair but the haircuts every 3-4 weeks weren’t great for a student’s salary so I decided to grow it back. I knew it would go through a rough patch so I decided colour was the perfect distraction. It’s easier to darken light hair than it is to bleach dark hair, so I started at one end of the spectrum and planned to work my way through while it grew back. This is what I left the salon with.

When my best friend saw my hair, she dragged me up the street to stand outside the salon where I first met the man to win my hair over, Rohan Strachan. We waved through the window and he motioned that he loved my hair and we instantly became friends; me his muse and him my Follicle Oracle.

Two weeks later I was hanging with my best friend again in her shop when in walked the man to win my heart over: Mr Hair Romance. He made me laugh and he thought my hair was pretty cool. He’s the best man I know and we’ve been inseparable pretty much ever since and I moved halfway around the world to be with him.

As my hair grew I tried new colours, new products, new styling techniques and then Rohan convinced me to embrace the curl. That was another hair cut that changed my life.

I realised a haircut could be life changing, as it completely altered how my hair sat and was so quick to style. I finally accepted my curls and loved them. But like a lot of love stories, the path was not easy and my curls and I have been sidetracked with straighteners and bleach but we’ve found our way back to a happy place.

So how did my love for hair become

Well, after we moved back to Australia, I found myself working in a large corporation. My ever-changing hairstyles started a lot of conversations and people would visit my desk to see what my hair was up to that day.

Finally a colleague suggested my hair deserved a daily blog and I laughed. When I told my friends, they didn’t laugh, they thought it was a great idea. I thought about it some more and one night I registered a domain and Hair Romance was born.

It’s really that easy to start a blog but the hard part is to keep going. I never realised how big the blogging world is and now to make it my career is so amazing.

So what life changing lesson have I learnt from my hair?

Be yourself. It’s easier than trying to be somebody else and much cheaper to maintain.

That doesn’t mean I still won’t straighten my hair or be blonde. Contradiction much? Haha. Maybe what I have learnt is that life is short, hair grows back so have fun.

I’m going to keep having fun with my hair and will certainly keep blogging about it here at Hair Romance.

Christina x


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