Hairstyle tutorial: Easy braided headband

Hairstyle tutorial: Easy braided headband

Another new hairstyle tutorial for you this week – an easy braided headband.

Actually, this hairstyle should be called a plaited headband. Now I know there is a little bit of confusion between Australian/British/American English as to what is a plait and what is a braid. Often the terms are used interchangeably, but to me a plait is the hair woven as in this tutorial. A braid has extra sections of hair added in as you weave the hair, which can also be referred to as a French braid.

What you need:

  • Two small clear hair elastics
  • Bobby pins

How to create a braided headband

Step by step

1 – Plait a section of hair above your left ear. Take a small section of hair, plait it and secure the end with a small clear elastic. Pull at the plait to loosen it and fatten it out.

2 – Plait a section of hair above your right ear. Repeat step 1 on the other side, and again loosen the plait. If you start pulling the plait just above the hair elastic and work back up you can really enhance the shape of the plait.

3-4 – Put the right side plait across the top of your head and pin in place. I find if you put the bobby pin ove the hair elastic it holds better.

5 – Cross the left hand plait over the other plait and pin in place. Tuck the ends of the plaits underneath to hide them.

6 – You’re done! You also could curl the rest of your hair and leave it out, or tie it back in a loose bun.

I have a lot of layers in my hair so the plaits don’t reach all the way across my head. If you have long hair you may only need to do this on one side to achieve a full braided headband.

This is such an easy hairstyle and it’s a great way to keep your fringe off your face. It’s perfect if you’re growing out your fringe too.

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