Hair Romance Reader Question – Hairstyles for a 1920s themed wedding

Hair Romance Reader Question – Hairstyles for a 1920s themed wedding

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Kaycie asks:

I’ve been following your blog for a while and knew you would be the right person to ask for advice… My brother-in-law is getting married in April and their wedding is 1920’s themed. I have medium-long hair and side bangs. If I had short hair, I would do tight waves, but with longer hair, I’m just not sure. Do you have any suggestions? Are there 1920s hairstyles for longer hair? I’d like to wear my hair down, but if I need to do an updo, I can.

Hair Romance answers:

A 1920s themed wedding sounds beautiful!

Short hair was the fashion in the 1920s so you mainly see updos but that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise long hair to fit the theme.

I like this style by The Beauty Department for a 20s style updo for long hair. There’s a full tutorial on their site and they create a faux bob to give a 1920s look.

You can also create the look of shorter hair by creating a loose side bun like this messy chignon and add a jewelled hair accessory.

If you wanted to wear your hair out, I’d create some waves with a curling iron, like in this tutorial, and wear a jewelled hair clip, or rhinestone headband to keep with the vintage 1920s feel.

Don’t forget you can also theme your makeup, going for a dark red lip and I love these nails for inspiration too. Makeup Utopia has a tutorial for the half-moon manicure on the left. The right is Zooey Deschanel’s photo of her cute tuxedo nails.

Have fun with your hair and let us know what you decide to do!

How would you wear your hair to a 1920s themed wedding?

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