Hair Cover Ups – Hair Romance Reader Question

Hair Cover Ups – Hair Romance Reader Question

How would you style your hair if you didn’t have an ear?

This was the question posed to me by a lovely reader, Rachel, who has microtia. Microtia is a condition characterised by an incomplete or underdeveloped ear. It literally comes from the words “micro” (small) and “otia” (ear). Rachel wanted to try some new styles that didn’t show off her left ear.

The first style that came to mind are side ponytails. These are great as you can sweep your hair to one side, covering your ear. This style is perfect if you have layers, as you can leave them loose over your ear too.

What a difference an accessory makes – try adding a big flower or bow to your side ponytail. It’s a great way to dress up a simple hairstyle.

Another variation is to do a low loose braid around the side. Pull out sections to really loosen it up and create this shape. Finish is a side ponytail or bun.

I asked Rachel how she felt about her right ear, and she said it was normal and she didn’t mind showing it. I had an idea that creating detail on the right side would distract from her left ear. These three pretty plaits are simply pinned at the back of your head and the ends are covered with a flower. Leave your hair out on the left, leaving all the focus on the right side.

I hope these ear hiding hairstyles help you Rachel, and anyone else who has microtia, or is concerned about showing your ears.

What features do you try and cover up?

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