Hair Accessory DIY – Floral headband

Hair Accessory DIY – Floral headband

2012 is the year of the hair accessory.

I’ve said it before, and you’ll keep hearing it all year – hair accessories are everywhere.

Headbands had a red carpet moment at the Golden Globes. Headbands instantly lift a ponytail or messy bun into occasion hair. Inspired by the floral headpieces seen on Lana Del Ray, I thought I would try my hand at my own floral headband DIY.

Now I love a good DIY blog (Stripes & Sequins, I Spy DIY and A pair & a spare are my favourites) but I rarely make any of their projects. These ladies make it look easy but I never get around to starting a DIY project (let alone finishing one!). When I saw Danimezza make this easy floral headband I knew I could do it too.

Living so close to the city centre, I’m not sure where all these DIYers shop to find their materials. I did the best I could in a city haberdashery shop to find what I needed for my headband.

What you need

  • Plain headband
  • Glue gun
  • Fake flowers


  • Pull the orange flowers off their stems and cut the tip off the back so they lie flat.
  • Work out roughly where you want to place the flowers before you begin.
  • Put some glue on the back of each flower and attach to your headband.


I struggled to find fake flowers and I found the ugliest bunch of fake flowers. Lucky they were very cheap, and I could see the potential of the orange flowers.

Now I see why DIY is so easy – a glue gun! I just bought a glue gun and it was so cheap and so easy to use. I’m going to be gluing everything that’s not already stuck down!

I am completely orange obsessed at the moment, and I’ll be wearing this floral headband with jeans and a white t, and it’s going to look perfect with a little striped dress I have. If you made this headband with white flowers it could be a beautiful bridal headpiece.

Do you love to DIY? Where are you favourite places to find materials? I’d especially love some DIY insider secrets from any Sydney girls as to where you find your materials.

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