Guest Post: The key to healthy hair

Guest Post: The key to healthy hair

Today on Hair Romance a guest post and review from the lovely Clare of CClareBear.

Beauty blogger Clare has recently relocated to London and has been reading ‘The Hair Bible’ by trichologist, Philip Kingsley. She caused controversy when she confessed that she washes her hair everyday. Now over to Clare for her review of the Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask and Toner.


Sometimes the most obvious things in the world are the ones that don’t occur to you until someone spells it out. With that in mind, here’s a fun nugget of truth: The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp.

That makes sense, right? How is your hair going to grow and be healthy if your scalp is a scaly, dirty mess?

I tried Philip Kingsley’s Scalp Mask and Toner recently, not because I have an unhealthy scalp (I’m now part of that unique group of people who wash their hair every day so I can assure you, it’s clean) but because I want to keep it healthy.

For those of you not in the know, Phililp Kingsley is one of the world’s leading Trichologists; a hair doctor. Like a dermatologist, but for your hair. He has an amazing line of products, but at the core is his belief in the importance of scalp health.

It makes sense that he’s the guy to turn to when your scalp needs a bit of TLC. The Scalp Mask and Toner work together as an intensive scalp treatment, which are designed to improve the condition of our scalp.

Your scalp, like the rest of your skin, needs regular exfoliation. The scalp mask and toner have exfoliating and anti-inflammatory agents to soothe your scalp-skin, and control any flaking and itching. As a direct result, it stimulates the scalp to improve the texture of your hair, while also promoting optimum hair growth. Used together, they stimulate blood supply to the scalp, absorb excess oil, and protect against bacteria.

Bonus: The products are fragrance free, and it’s suitable for all hair types, so if you colour your hair there’s nothing to fear!

It’s super easy to use, but because there are a few steps and some time involved I’d suggest saving it for the weekend, or a day that you’re not rushing off somewhere.

You’ll need to dampen your hair first, which I did just by putting my head in my bathroom sink and working the water into my scalp. To be honest, it isn’t that important that all of your hair gets wet – after all, this is a treatment specifically for scalp.

You then apply the mask directly to your scalp in 3cm or 1in partings. Make sure you go all the way down your scalp. I just worked backwards from the front, ensuring the nozzle was held right down to the roots of my hair, touching the skin.

Next, wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap and leave it in for ten to twenty minutes. It tingles, but it’s supposed to do that.

Then hop in the shower. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Get dressed, start on your skincare routine, and we then apply the toner. It’s the same deal – apply it to the root of your scalp in 3cm partings.

And… that’s it! You can blow dry or style your hair, but if you can, just leave it in to air dry.

The Results?

As I said, my scalp is pretty clean anyway but the difference was instant and noticeable. My hair and scalp felt cleaner than it ever had. It’s difficult to describe – it was just so clean – and it’s a similar feeling to when I use a chemical exfoliant on my skin.

If you’re a person who suffers from dandruff or general scalp issues then this is perfect to complement your existing regime. Because the circulation to the scalp is improved, with regular use it will promote hair growth.

You can use it once a week initially, and then whenever you feel like your scalp needs exfoliation and a detox. One bottle should last you between 3-4 uses.

I’m definitely investing more of mine when it runs out. It seems obvious and it should have occurred to me before to take as much care of my scalp as I do of my hair, and I haven’t seen another product like this that will exfoliate my scalp and keep my hair healthy from the root.

Philip Kingsley’s Scalp Toner (75ml) is £6.90 in the UK. The Scalp Mask (30ml) is £4.60 in the UK. I’m sure you can buy them in Australia but I can’t seem to find a stocklist or RRP details anywhere.


Have you tried a scalp tonic before? How do you look after your scalp?

Full Disclosure: These products were provided to Clare for review by a PR company in London.

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