ghd Air at London Fashion Week and at my place

ghd Air at London Fashion Week and at my place

ghd has released a hairdryer – the ghd Air.

This launch has made hair headlines around the world. But first, check out this amazing hair from the ghd team at London Fashion Week for Dion Lee.

Led by Sophie Roberts, they created this amazing fringe weave for Dion Lee’s debut presentation.  I secretly love helmet hair, and this extreme fringe forms a perfect hair cap. I recommend trying this at home if you have at least four sets of hands to help you.

Something you can try at home now is the ghd Air. This isn’t just a product release, it’s a hair event almost 10 years in he making. I was invited to the ghd Air launch and I was impressed by their passion and research into creating an original professional hairdryer, not just a re-badged product. It’s probably the most expensive dryer on the market at $199, but it looks and feels like quality.

It comes beautifully packaged, like a gift for your hair. It has the prettiest grill I’ve ever seen on air intake. However I believe it’s what’s inside that counts and I have to say I’m very impressed.

The Air’s complete hairdryer redesign means the engine has been moved to a more central position which allows for better balance in your hand. This shift also creates greater ionic airflow and results in smoother hair. If you’re using a cheap hairdryer your hair won’t believe the improvement, but if you’re smart and already have a Parlux you’ll know what I’m talking about. The ghd Air is hotter and faster than the Parlux and the nozzles are the perfect fit for ghd brushes so you don’t miss a hair. The controls are also at the back of the handle so it’s ambidextrous. It’s designed for both salon professionals and consumers and is built to last.

I’m reserving my judgement as to whether this trumps my beloved Parlux for now, but the Air is an amazing hairdryer. I’m waiting for ghd to release an equally beautifully designed diffuser to fit the Air, as it sadly won’t take a universal diffuser. If you want to create curls you can still use a sock diffuser.

Are you a fan of professional hairdryers? And am I the only one with a secret love of helmet hair?

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