Evo Mr Fantastic

Evo Mr Fantastic

Evo is a brand I first encountered years ago when the Follicle Oracle’s salon started stocking them. I loved their tongue in cheek product descriptions but I loved that their products worked. I’m a fan of their curl cream ‘Liquid Rollers’ which I used in my curly hair here, which promises to

“give pride back to your beautiful curls that have hung dry and lonely since the last time you singed the bejeezers out of them”

and my curls love it.

I wanted to try their Mr Fantastic Tool for Creation. Mr Fantastic is a multi use product and the kit comes with a pack of hair bungees. The box says

“Trying to find a way to get that accidental look of excellence? Well, columbo no further, this is the tool for creation that’s got the fix on everything.”

Mr Fantastic is actually pretty fantastic. If you don’t have a lot of styling products in your bathroom, this one will solve lots of problems. You can use it in towel dried hair as a protectant before you heat style it. You can use it in dry hair as a texturiser. It also has hold so you can use it as a hairspray too, although I prefer evo Helmet hairspray.

The hair bungees are a genius idea. They take a little getting used to, but they are excellent for long, thick or curly hair. They wrap around your hair, rather than pulling your hair through a band. They are even easier to take out so no need to rip or tear at your hair. If you have trouble finding hairbands to fit your hair, here is your solution.

How to get the look

  • I had already straightened my hair, which meant it was super flat. I used Mr Fantastic on dry hair to add some texture so it created more shape.
  • I also gently backcombed the crown to create some height.
  • Starting at the nape, I twisted my hair up and used a hair bungee to secure the ponytail.
  • I used a couple of bobby pins to hold the twist in place.
  • Take a small section from your ponytail and wrap it around the hair bungee and pin in place underneath with a bobby pin.

If you’ve got fine hair, Mr Fantastic may be a bit heavy for your hair and the bungees too big. However with thick or long hair, these bungees are brilliant. Great for waves or curly hair too as you don’t need to squeeze your hair through a band to put it up.

There’s a great video showing how to use Mr Fantastic on the evo website if you’re looking for more style inspiration. Wonder what style I should create next with Mr Fantastic…

Evo Mr Fantastic was gifted by Adore Beauty

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