Do you like to chat with your hairdresser?

Do you like to chat with your hairdresser?

Why won’t they stop talking???

Do you look forward to a gossip when you go to the hairdresser or do you like to relax and have some quiet time out in the chair?

I love salon time, and I love chatting to my hairdresser. We catch up and I get to ask more hair questions. Then while my colour processes I get to read some mags.

On the other hand, my friend hates to make small talk in the salon. She dreads chatty hairdressers as she loves to sit quietly and read while she’s getting her hair done. Going to the hairdresser is just something she has to do, and so she prefers to just relax quietly in the chair until it’s all done.

What do you do when you’re a personality mis-match with your hairdresser? If you love how they do your hair but hate the chat, how do you tell them politely to stop talking?

As an aside, I’m sure it’s the same for hairdressers – clients who won’t shut up and clients who hardly even say hello.

What’s the correct salon etiquette?

I suggested there should be a special table sign like when you go to a Brazillian churrasco restaurant. Have you ever eaten churrasco? It’s a feast where just about every meat you can think of is cooked on a spear and served straight to your plate. Wasting food is poor etiquette so they have a special table sign. You place the green side up to show you’re ready to eat and you turn it over to red when you’ve had enough. Perhaps my friend needs a green sign to indicate conversation is welcome and a red sign to signal silence please?

My salon advice is simple – use your body language. Pick up a mag straight away or bring your own book. Don’t start the conversation. Most hairdressers will pick up on your signals and after a few conversation attempts will leave you in peace.

Are you a talker or do you love to relax in silence at the hairdresser? How do you politely tell your hairdresser to stop talking?

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