DIY punk backstage at Miss Unkon

DIY punk backstage at Miss Unkon

During fashion week, the hair and beauty details are kept as secret as the collections from the media until show day. A little birdy told me that the hair at Miss Unkon would be worth checking out and she was right.

Hair director Craig Smith of Fruition Hair said “In a fairly stark contrast to the romantic textures and graceful form of the clothing, the hair for the show has an underlying strength and slight youth punk feel. I really wanted to explore the ‘explosive creativity’ that underpins the essence of the Designers current collection concept, whilst keeping in tune with the beautiful femininity that defines the core value of the brand. I also wanted to reinforce the incredibly intricate metal detailing on the hemlines of some of the pieces, with the placement of the silver rings throughout the braid construction.”

Behind the scenes

I love the addition of the silver rings through the braid. Although this style took about 8-10 hands to put together backstage, you could grab a couple of girlfriends and put this look together for a night out.

How to get the look

Step 1 – Prep the hair with mousse, working through from just off the root area, through the mid lengths and ends. Fully blow dry and straighten. Craig used Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Grip Mousse.

Step 2 – Take an ear-to-ear section and draw the hair smoothly to the top of the head into a ponytail, securing with hat elastic.

Step 3 – Pull the remaining section to meet the origin of the first ponytail and secure, again with hat elastic. Use hemming tape to camouflage the hat elastic.

Backstage tip: By creating a ponytail in two sections, the hair stays a lot smoother, particularly with thicker hair types.

Step 4 – Working from in front of the model, take various sized sections and braid the hair feeding the small silver ring embellishments through as the braid is constructed. Leave a ¾ cm ‘tail’ of unbraided hair and secure with hemming tape. Secure the shape of the ‘tail’ with Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Hairspray.

Step 5 – Secure the position of the hair coming forward with bobby pins, at the mid length. Then fold the hair back on itself and secure.

Step 6 – Using a colour brush, apply Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Aqua Slide Gel to smooth from the hairline to the origin of the ponytail.

Step 7 – Finish with a sprit of Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Sparkler,

The finished look

Similar to one of my favourite hairstyles, the reverse ponytail, this twisted braid is perfect for long hair. I’d love to try it with copper or gold rings too.

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