Brides with short hair – wedding hairstyle ideas

Brides with short hair – wedding hairstyle ideas

I’ve been pondering a question for a long time, why do so many brides grow their hair for their wedding day?

There seems to be a common phenomenon I’ve observed where the bride grows her hair for her wedding day, only to wear it up and then ends up cutting it all off about a month later. The new short cut looks amazing and suits her personality so much more you wonder why she ever grew her hair in the first place.

I can hear you say, “but I want to wear a braided updo”, or “long hair is more versatile” but short can be even more fun to play with.

If you’re still set on an intricate upstyle, why not try clip in extensions? Your hairstylist will probably use them anyway to add volume, and they can be coloured to match your hair so you can have your dream wedding hairstyle.

However if you love short hair, embrace it and get a great haircut for your wedding day. Hair Romance is all about loving your hair, and I believe hair should reflect your personality.

Here’s some hairspiration for the short haired bride.

So how did I wear my hair when I got married? I was in the “I’m growing my hair” camp too. And yes, I wore it up. It was curled into a gorgeous loosely pinned upstyle. I’ve been growing it ever since my wedding with only a few layers or trims in between. I’m kind of itching to cut my hair again but I will be keeping it long for now as I have some more tutorials planned as part of my next project.

How did you wear your hair when you got married?

Have you noticed this phenomenon of brides who get great haircuts after their wedding? Were you one of them?

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