Big Hair Idol: Veronica Lake

Big Hair Idol: Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake is one of my hair idols.

Her iconic peek-a-boo hairstyle has been imitated and recreated every season, and those classic waves are always a red carpet favourite. The petite movie starlet (she was only 1.51m tall) created a larger than life image still inspires Hollywood today.

For me, she has the perfect waves.

Here in this shot, Veronica demonstrates the perils of working with your hair out. Remember, stay safe in the workplace! A public safety notice from World War II.

You can find my my tutorial for perfect waves here.

Happy Friday and happy weekend lovelies!

Mr Hair Romance has surprised me with a weekend away as it was our third wedding anniversary yesterday. I tweeted a photo from our wedding day as it poured with rain just like it did in Sydney yesterday. Except ours was in reverse, it was fine all day until around 4pm when the clouds rolled in from the south. A huge storm spread over Sydney and it bucketed down until around 10pm when the stars came out. I have to add it didn’t rain for two weeks before our wedding or two weeks after. They say rain is lucky? We’re still together so it’s working so far!

Have  a happy weekend xxx

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