Big Hair Friday – Milan Fashion Week

Big Hair Friday – Milan Fashion Week

Happy Friday!

Today’s Big Hair Friday is straight from the Blumarine runway at Milan Fashion Week but incredibly wearable hair.

In fact, this beautiful big shiny blowdry is one of my dream hairstyles. I am slowly coming to terms that my hair does not look like this (but it could with extensions).

Created by Sam McKnight, Global Stylist Ambassador for Pantene Pro-V, he says “The Blumarine woman is sexy and glamorous and knows what she wants so I wanted to create a hair look that was grown up sexy but with a youthful ‘unfinished’ feeling to it. I wanted the hair to shine with health so that it worked with the shiny, metallic effects of the collection, almost as if the hair was actually part of the clothing collection”.

Blumarine – How to get the look

1. Start with great hair. The perfect base for this look is freshly washed and conditioned hair.

2. Apply a volumising product to the roots. Sam applied Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Root Lift Mist to wet hair and combed through.

3. Blow dry for volume. Dry hair back away from the face using a medium round bristle brush.

4. Section as you go. As you dry the hair, clip each blow dried section in to place and spray with hairspray. Sam used Pantene Pro-V Body Builder Hairspray.

5. Part & backcomb. When finished drying, create a rough middle parting at the front of the head, then take 2-3 sections of the hair at the crown of the head and backcomb, apply hairspray to the backcombed section, then brush through, finally ruffle with fingers to keep the look natural.

6. To finish, release all the clipped sections of hair and brush through with a soft bristle brush and set with spritz of hairspray.

Don’t let step 1 hold you back. This how to would also create gorgeous volume in a lob or bob haircut too.

Second Day Hairspiration

If you wear your hair big like at Blumarine, you could wear your hair up on Day 2 like at Antonio Marras.

This hair was created by Eugene Souleiman, Global Creative Director, Care & Styling, Wella Professionals, who said “I wanted the hair to feel romantic, light and almost as if it was styled by nature, with a textured quality to it”.

How to get the look

1.  Start with freshly washed hair, (or you could try second day hair)

2.  Roughly dry your hair with a blow dryer away from your face. Eugene sprayed Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz in to the roots as takes away any remaining moisture in the hair and makes it light and fluffy with a ‘fly away’ feel.

3.  Straighten your hair. Run straightening irons through the length of the hair to create an almost static feel to the hair.

4.  Make a loose ponytail. Allow your hair to fall in to a natural centre parting, then brush back and tie in to a loose ponytail with elastic. Once tied, let the ponytail drop a little to form a ‘baggy’ underneath section.

5. Knot your ponytail. Twist your ponytail and wrap it around itself, tying it into a knot, pulling the remaining hair through the knot, and pinning the knot into place. Massage the ends of the knot with fingers to add a little lightness the blow the hair forwards with the dryer from the back of the head towards the front – while at the same time spray in the direction of the air with Wella Professionals Stay Styled Hairspray.

Pro tip: For the show, Eugene finished off with a light spray of gold hair color spray around the front of the face to give a little luminescence under the show lights.

Some runway to reality hairspiration for the weekend. What are you up to and how will you wear your hair?


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