Best hair at the SAG awards 2012

Best hair at the SAG awards 2012

I already mentioned that headbands and braids were huge trends for 2012, and so hairstylists went crazy at the SAG awards for braided headbands!

Dianna Agron, Renee Bargh, Kaley Cuoco and Busy Phillips all wore versions of a braided headband on the red carpet.


I loved Dianna Agron’s braid close up, but I don’t love her outfit as a whole. I also thought the finishing of the braids could have been better, but she looks lovely.


For me, the stand out was Rose Byrne. Even though I have heard “ABBA” mentioned with the jumpsuit, I think she looks AH-mazing.

This haircut might make me rethink the uneven cut for a signature hairstyle a la Anna Wintour. Her hairstylist calls it a modern Wintour crossed with Michelle Pfeiffer from Scarface. Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface is one of my favourite hair moments. I forgot how much I loved the hair in that movie.


How to get Rose’s sleek bob

  • First, get a fantastic hair cut, and a straightening treatment if you have curly hair!
  • Rose’s hairstylist Harry Josh tells how he started by first spraying Byrne’s wet hair at the roots with a volumising spray (John Frieda Full Repair Lift Foam) for a weightless lift. “I needed to get a lot of lift at the roots,” says Josh. “Without that, the look would just fall flat.”
  • Next apply a small amount of John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion to the ends to ensure the end result be super-smooth.
  • Using a natural bristle brush, blowdry the hair section by section, angling the dryer down for maximum shine.
  • To keep it looking good all night, set the ends in Velcro rollers so the ends would curl under slightly and the volume at the roots stays locked in.



Also loving Michelle Williams warmer blonde colour in her latest pixie cut.


Special mentions to Amber Heard and Emma Stone. I thought they looked gorgeous. I think Amber’s style would be great for shorter hair too, create some height with your longer front layers and slick back the sides. HOT.

Who was your favourite on the SAG awards red carpet?

Images from Getty, Wire Images, US Mag

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