Best Hair Accessory DIYs

Best Hair Accessory DIYs

Ever since I bought a glue gun and attempted my first DIY, the floral headband, I’ve been scouring the interweb for more inspiration.

Here’s a round up of the best DIY hair accessories from some of my favourite DIY bloggers with links to the full DIYs.

Honestly WTF – Chanel pearl hair pins

Honestyly WTF – Floral halo

I Spy DIY – Crystal and rhinestone headbands inspired by the Golden Globes

A pair and a spare – Jewelled headband also inspired by the Golden Globes

P.S. I made this – crystal wrapped headband 

P.S. I made this – braided headband

I Spy DIY for The Budget Fashionista – Ribbon chain headband

P.S. I made this – Hair comb

And a bonus DIY – are you always looking for bobby pins? This necklace will keep them all in once place and you can change your hair during the night too! I would like to see it spray painted in neon yellow.

Glitter’n Glue – Bobby pin statement necklace

Who is your favourite DIY blogger?

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