Balayage hair colour inspiration

Balayage hair colour inspiration

Is balayage still “in”?

Technically balayage isn’t a look but a technique. It’s a colour application technique where colour is applied away from the roots and painted on to sections of hair. Normally this is more around the face and used to highlight face framing layers and give a more natural colour look.

Last year we saw balayage used more evenly to create an ombre line gradation of colour, a sort of dip-dye look and also fun colour block hair. The ombre look is still around but the trend is heading back to more natural looking balayage highlights.

I was chatting hair with a beautiful friend of mine over dinner last week and she asked me if she should try balayage. She used to get foil highlights and has gone back to her natural colour, which is a beautiful dark blonde. Her hair is about shoulder blade length and her hairdresser had suggested balayage last time she was at the salon but she wasn’t sure.

Her hair is beautiful as is, as her natural colour is gorgeous but I get the feeling she’s bored with her long hair. She’s looking for a bit of a change but one that’s easy to look after. Balayage colour is the perfect technique if you want to change up your hair a little, but not commit to a regular salon maintenance routine. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you may only need to get a touch up every few months or more. Subtle balayage grows out beautifully and can give you that light and softness around your face that feels like you’ve brightened up all your hair.

Balayage hairspiration

Here’s some balayage hair colour inspiration images to inspire your new colour. Head over to my Pinterest board Hair Colour Inspiration for more hairspiration.

Hairstyle tip

Balayage colour is enhanced by having layers in your hair. It looks more natural with some texture in your hair or soft waves as it disguises where the highlights begin.

How to care for your balayage hair

Here’s my roundup of the best hair oils for balayage hair.

Are you a fan of balayage colour?

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