5 ways to wear a scarf and a top knot – 5 – put a bow on it

5 ways to wear a scarf and a top knot – 5 – put a bow on it

Put a bow on it!

How to get the look

Put your hair in a top knot. My top knot tutorial can help even if your hair is fine, or a messy top knot works too.

Fold your scarf diagonally into a long strip. I used a square scarf approx 80cm long. You can also use a rectangular scarf.

Tie it around your top knot and into a bow underneath at the back. This would be super pretty with a longer scarf where the bow ends hang loose.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these scarf+top knot hairstyles. Don’t forget to check out the other ways to wear a scarf and a top knot:

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