2012 Short Hair Trends – The modern Pixie

2012 Short Hair Trends – The modern Pixie

Short hair is one of the biggest hair trends of 2012.

The pixie is already a popular short haircut and a slightly longer, grown out pixie is the look to try in 2012.

The pixie cut was a huge trend in 2011 with celebrities like Emma Watson, Ginnifer Goodwin and Evan Rachel Wood embracing the short style. Now they have grown their hair a little, they’re playing with the texture and shape and finding out how versatile the pixie cut can be.

The 2012 trend for the pixie is to keep some length in the front. Try a longer fringe (bangs) or an almost coif like top section that will give you versatility when styling.

A fringe (bangs) really draws attention to your eyes, and can balance a long face. There are fringes for every face shape but that’s a story for another post. Have a chat to your hairdresser if you’re considering the chop.

Love this shoot by Terry Gates for Glamour France. Although her hair is a little longer, take inspiration from these shots by playing with the top section of your hair to create some vastly different looks.

Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan are also some of my favourite inspirations for this longer, modern pixie haircut.

So you want to go short?

  • Take a picture into the salon with you.
  • Talk to your hairdresser: Which look will work better with your hair? How much time will it take to style in your hair? What products will you need?
  • Have fun! It’s only hair, and it grows back.

Did you go the chop in 2011? Will you take the plunge with this longer short hair trend in 2012?

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