2012 Long Hair Trends

2012 Long Hair Trends

How will you be wearing your hair in 2012?

The uneven cut is the first short hair trend for 2012 and the next Short Cut Saturdays will be predicting more short hair trends to try in 2012.

Not since the 90s has short hair been such a mainstream trend, but what if you want to keep your hair long?

Here are some ways to update your hairstyle for 2012.

Braids Braid Braids

The 2011 trend for braids is really hitting its stride in 2012. There will be more variations than we’ve ever seen before.

You’ll want to grow your hair (or try clip in extensions) to achieve these beautiful braided upstyles.

I have the BIGGEST hairstyle challenge ever for 2012 coming up. If you loved last year’s 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days you won’t want to miss the 2012 Hair Romance Hairstyle Challenge…


Shiny hair

I predicted this at NYFW and it’s a trend that will divide the crowd. Like body con dresses and the no pants look, you probably need to be under a certain age to try this wet look hair, or you risk looking like you slept in and forgot to wash your hair.

Teamed with a deep part (another hot trend) this shiny hair will be hot on the party scene in summer.


Textured Waves

I’ve been waiting my whole life for curls to be in fashion, and 2012’s curly hair trends are simply beautiful. More of a controlled version of my wild curls, these textured waves and soft full curls will make you forget your flat iron. Unless you’re using it to make waves.



A controversial one here, but I predict rather than chemically straightening, girls will be chemically curling their hair. If Jamie Beck is still rocking a perm this good, I see perms taking over.

I would love to explore this trend in another post fully, as I do have some experience with perm rods. Crazy as it may sound, the perm is back ladies.


2012 – the Year of the Accessory

2012 is the year of the hair accessory. Embellishments are everywhere on the runway to the red carpet. I love them as they are the easiest way to pretty up a hairstyle with the least effort. I may even have some hair accessory DIYs this year!


Other trends to watch…

1960s influenced half up hairstyles and deep parts, and I’ll share some tutorials on these soon.


What’s your favourite long hair trend for 2012?

Images Fashionising.com Harper’s Bazaar Jamie Beck

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