Top hair colour trends as seen at Sydney Hair Expo 2012

Top hair colour trends as seen at Sydney Hair Expo 2012
Guest post by Miss Chew for Hair Romance.

Every year Hair Expo in Sydney showcases the latest and the greatest in hair care. Entrants are exposed to the greatest hairdressing talent Australia and New Zealand has on offer as they showcase educational seminars as well as ways in which to grow your hairdressing business.

As a public spectator and not an industry insider what I loved most about Hair Expo was the people watching as I walked around. Yes you can see the trends up on the stages but to see how they translate to people walking around, these trends are what I have brought to you today.

What I love about hair trends these days is there are no rules, so it is so exciting to see these amazing looks.

First up are girls with long blonde hair with beautiful colours balayaged (or painted) onto the ends of their hair, each is just as beautiful.

This first girl has a beautiful steel blue which I am just adoring right now.

The second girl has beautiful pink and purple through her ends, you can achieve this look with the amazing Kevin Murphy Color Bugs if you want a temporary effect.

The last girls is a model captured backstage who has pieces of brightly coloured hair painted through the ends of her hair, this is very on trend with neon colours being so popular right now.

Another trend which is booming right now is pastel coloured hair all over, beautiful soft fairy floss pinks; peach, blue and green coloured hairs are emerging to suit any skin tone.

This first beautiful girl has lovely lavender through her hair with the other popular trend feather extensions. These were huge at Hair Expo.

I spotted this stunning blogger with such soft delicate pink and peach through her hair. With these colours you need to have a very white base in your hair to start off with.

There were many girls who had braved the chop and gone for short well cut hairstyles which I really admired and which they totally rock.

This girl below has gotten right into funky shaving of the side of her head too, lots of maintenance but a great effect!

Thanks to Jamie of Miss Chew for scoping out the top hair colour trends from Hair Expo for Hair Romance.

Would you try any of these fun looks?

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