Tell me the truth about your curls

Tell me the truth about your curls
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Do you have curly hair?

If so, do you love your hair?

Having curly hair was one of the reasons I became so obsessed with hair, and why I started Hair Romance.

Having curly hair is…well, it’s time consuming. Curly hair is rarely “wash and go” hair. It takes time to work out the right system of washing schedules, products, diffusers or air-drying and how to sleep so you don’t wake up looking like you walked out of a bush backwards.

It has taken me years but I finally love my curls. I feel that they reflect my personality, and I love how crazy they can be. It took me a while to know where my curls wanted to go, but now we have an understanding and I can wear them any way I want.

The Truth About Curls

Paul Mitchell understands this love-hate relationships with curly hair and launched a new easy care system of four products to look after your curly hair.

They’ve also launched a new site called The Truth About Curls and they want to know how you feel about your curls. The site updates with tweets with the hashtag #CurlConfession and you can also add your confessions about your curls through their facebook page. I couldn’t help but trawl their facebook page this morning, and felt strangely comforted that so many other women have issues with their curls too.

Head over to The Truth About Curls on the Paul Mitchell Facebook page to read others’ confessions and add yours. Add your curl story to The Truth About Curls site by tweeting using the hashtag #CurlConfession. Don’t forget to tag your instagram pics too.

What’s your curl confession?

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