Styling tips for short hair

Styling tips for short hair

Hi!  I’m Cheri and I blog over at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.  It’s a DIY blog mostly about home decor and sewing, but I do a “hair week” once a year and Christina is always really kind to guest post for me then.  For this year’s hair week I decided to chop off all my hair.

I went from this….

….to this.

I had really short hair one other time in my life, but I didn’t love it them.  This time around was different.  Here are a few things I did right the second time around.

These are my current short hair tips.

1) Find great products to use.

This has made a huge difference this time around.  I didn’t know what to use on my hair the first time.  Here are my two favorite products I’ve been using.  I use “Power Dressing” by Pureology and I apply a little to my hair when it’s wet.  I blow dry my hair and then sprinkle in “Volumizing Powder” by Beyond the Zone at the roots.  Big Sexy Hair makes the powder as well, but this brand is 1/3 the price and works just as well.  I spend more money on products now that my hair is short, but I use so little of them that I know they’ll last forever.

2) Have fun with color.

I feel like short hair is bolder and even empowering.  It’s easy to add a little color and the way I did it this time makes the upkeep really simple.  My stylist put in a few foils diagonally on top and then one larger chuck on the other side.  (I drew in on the picture where the red was added.)  Because it’s underneath, you never really see the roots and I don’t have to keep it up as much.  I recolor the red myself as it fades, but I don’t have to strip and color the roots often.  In fact it’s been a couple of months now and I haven’t redone the roots at all.

I can also part my hair on the opposite side if I want to show more of the red.  It gives me a little freedom to make my hair more conservative or more bold.

3) Own it.

With shorter hair I like to wear a little more makeup then I did before.  I also enjoy dressing a little more artsy and funky.  Because my hair takes so little time to do, I have more time to spend on makeup and dressing which has been really fun.  I also feel “ready” each day because I’m not throwing my hair in a ponytail and running out the door.  I love short hair.  Here are a few fun styles that make a statement.

So, are any of you rocking the short hair?  Do you love it?  Do you find it empowering?  I’d love to hear your take on it.

Thanks for having me!  – Cheri

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