Street style hair by Xssat Street Fashion

Street style hair by Xssat Street Fashion

A guest feature on Hair Romance – Street style hair from the lens of Xiaohan of Xssat Street Fashion.

Xiaohan says: Emily’s hair is definitely a fashion statement! Not everyone suits lilac hair and not everyone can pull off lilac hair, in fact I wasn’t quite convinced til I saw her new hair in person and I love it! Clothing also becomes tricky as your hair colour is no longer neutral and wearing super colourful garments will detract from your hair. So stick to neutral colours like black and let the statement hair do the talking.

Christina says: Pastels are a big trend for spring fashion no why not try them in your best accessory, your hair? I love the mix of tones in Emily’s hair and I think this is key to getting this look right. Don’t try this at home. See a colour specialist, especially if you have to bleach all your hair or you risk doing a lot of damage. They can also customise the colour and get he right shade balance for you. This type of colour fades quickly so use a colour protect shampoo and conditioner. Regular treatments will keep your pastel hair in top condition.

Have tried the pastel trend?

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